Audio Book Sneak Preview

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Here, at long last, is a sample from Janis Ian recording my audio book with Stefan Rudnicki producing at Skyboat Media. And now you will hear a little of what I was talking about when I first came home from LA…It’s just a taste. But, as any artist of any kind knows, it is common to become rather tired of one’s own work after a while. One can’t see it or hear it or feel it properly after so much working and reworking and promoting and disemboweling it for summaries and “elevator speeches” about it… and…..the list goes on. As I had. But experiencing another artist (2 of them, in this case– and likely 3, if you include the editor who I never met, but who, no doubt, is a master of what he does), re-create your work, in their own way, make a whole new world out of it out of their own soil is an incredible gift. Wow! I feel like they gave me back my own words. I don’t mean to be precious about it all. It is a genuine, sincere feeling of awe — at their artistry — and gratitude — for what they gave back to me. So…I am honored and thrilled to present the first teasers from the audio book. Enjoy! 2 more will be coming (they are large files, so I can only share 1 at a time).

Lost Cantos_Sample 1
Lost Cantos_Sample 2
Lost Cantos_Sample 3

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