Pat Conroy Reads

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Pat Conroy reads his foreword to Maggie Schein’s book the “Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves.

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The Endurance of Love

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“For a long time, I thought I was born into a mythology instead of a family.” –Pat Conroy

For a long time, I thought I was born into a family, instead of a living mythology.

Pat Conroy was my father’s best friend. He was always a teacher at heart and an imp by nature. He was with me, influencing me, holding me up, challenging me, pissing me off, inspiring me, helping me, disappointing me, making me laugh, and quick to tell me how it’s done (at least his way), and instructing me how it’s not done “kid,” at pretty much each formative transition of my life: birth (mine), childhood, adolescence, career changes, marriage, and, of course, death (his). It is no wonder I find it challenging to answer prompts like, “How did Pat influence you most?” or “What is your strongest memory of Pat?” Pat is as natural a part of my life as my fingernails—and sometimes as ratty. He is an extension of my family fabric. That remains true after his death.

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The Symptoms of Hatred

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With my Ethicist hat on (because I am upset, and being analytical is a defense of mine that I choose right now):

What happened in Charleston there are no direct words for. We all agree. I’m not going to try to say anything acutely about that out of respect for the families, the survivors, and those who were killed. I am praying for them, that is all I can do. From the reports, those who the tragedy most intimately wounded, and who have spoken to the media, have done so with pure hearts. With reflections of their spirituality and the deepness of their care for their God and for peace. This is theirs to respond directly about. Would that we were all motivated by such compassion. It is the one of the most powerful antidotes for cruel hatred. They are heartening, brave, enlightened examples of that. May their love ripple cross oceans and be rushed back to them with the incoming tides.

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South Carolina Honors College Talk 3/14/2015

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My publisher at USC Press, Story River Books, asked me to put this up as a blog.

So, ok. But I have to couch it with this little PSA:

The following talk was presented to a gaggle of seriously diverse and delightful aspiring writers (high-school age) at the University of South Carolina’s Honor’s College Writing Competition. Holy bananas were they adorable! As a teacher, you would kind of want to eat them like bon bons. We crave desire, the difficulty of being earnest, seriousness that borders on crazy, but teeters right between crazy-awareness and crazy-as-super-fun. As both teacher and artist, this gathering of students is the secret spice in inspiration, in motivation, and hope. They are fragile enough to care, still.

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A dear friend of mine from college days (we won’t detail how many years ago that was) emailed me nearly out of the blue. He didn’t ask “How’s life?” He asked, “What’s good with you?” And I can see his dreads bouncing in nuanced rhythm to what he’s asking. This is a deep fellow. A smart fellow. The kind of fellow you can cut to the chase with, whether or not he agrees with you; the kind of fellow who naturally speaks like his words rhyme, even if they don’t. The sway of intonation creates syllabic resonance. He’s a smooth dude. A cool, but severely deep, cat. His heart beats poetic.

So when he asks me, “What’s good?” I take that question, and its discreteness from “How is life?” seriously.

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