Janis Ian and Stefan Rudnicki record my audio book Part 4: Webster’s Redemption

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Yes. It has come to this. Me, the anti-blogger or forced-blogger has chosen to blog in order to have a legitimate means to procrastinate all the other stuff I’m supposed to be doing. So, during this rather low moment in my current workday, I thought I’d blog about a rather embarrassing moment during the audio recording with Janis and Stefan. Here goes.

We are knee-deep in day 2 of recording. My shoes have long since come off, I’m pretty sure my shirt is unflatteringly scrunched up in the back, as I have opted at this point to ungracefully lay on the floor like a teenager as opposed to sitting in one of the many chairs or on the sofa (like a proper adult. I do have my spine as an excuse, you know). I no longer bother with the napkin under my coffee cup, I just put it down and hope to God I don’t knock it over, I have no idea where my backpack is…

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Audio Book Sneak Preview

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Here, at long last, is a sample from Janis Ian recording my audio book with Stefan Rudnicki producing at Skyboat Media.

Janis Ian & Stefan Rudnicki Record My Audiobook!* – Part 1

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Warning: This will be a long post. My blog isn’t set up yet, but I wanted to share with those of you who have asked some of my experiences this week in LA recording the audio version of my book with Janis Ian and Stefan Rudnicki of Skyboat Media.

I learned more and experienced more than I can share in one post. So, this one will be dedicated to the “behind the scenes” part. The second will be about my experience of Janis reading my book.

I walked in, and I was nervous. And though Stefan and Janis put me at ease, I did not feel exactly welcome. Took me a few hours to understand why. They weren’t being “unwelcoming”; they were working, and they were working on a level and at something that I was not just a novice at –they were working on something at a level and in a world
that was entirely foreign to me. You don’t have decades long careers, awards to fill a whole room, and trust and respect of your fellow artists without traveling very high and different roads.

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Janis Ian & Stefan Rudnicki Record My Audiobook!* – Part 2

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Honestly, I’m still a little inarticulate about this, so pardon me if I trip over my own tongue a bit, and do expect revisions and additions in the near future.

First, the experience was so surreal I wish I had come home with a snippet of the recording so I could remind myself of the enormity of the experience (it is THAT surreal, so much so that it is hard for me to recover the memory accurately, like trying to remember a dream). Alas, I was advised that it’s not wise for the author to hear the unedited version, so they did not let me take any samples home. And I understand why.

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Janis Ian & Stefan Rudnicki Record My Audiobook!* – Part 3

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Little story from my first moment arriving at Skyboat Media for the recording:

I walk in. I’ve been traveling for 12 hours. I had one cup of thin hotel coffee. When I arrive, Stefan and Janis are already engaged in a conversation about audio books and narration, some of which I understand, and much of which is over my head and then, they go on to talk about different narration styles. Character, or narrative or whatever.

And Stefan says, “This is a mind book. A book of the mind.” And he gestures to me, saying, “And look, we have the mind right here!”

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