The Literary Apothecary

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I will write nearly anything for anyone for money or for dog food, for cat vetting, for folks who I think are fabulous in their arts and labors, but who are not writers themselves—and sometimes, just because I can. I have been trained to forge out of letters strung together the emotions, thoughts, and shapes that I see or that some people need (hence why I like the term “literary apothecary”). Sometimes, I am actually successful at it. It’s always shocking when that happens because really, and to break a totally rigid writing rule, I will now deploy a rabid cliché (and then I will mix some metaphors), it takes two to tango: I can write my heart out, but if the reader doesn’t sync with the rhythm of the dance, doesn’t like the hook, finds the orchestration either too plush or too thin, I might as well be painting by numbers or sunning myself by the pool. Without a wiling reader, it really is just a foolish and indulgent past time.

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Janis Ian and Stefan Rudnicki record my audio book Part 4: Webster’s Redemption

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Yes. It has come to this. Me, the anti-blogger or forced-blogger has chosen to blog in order to have a legitimate means to procrastinate all the other stuff I’m supposed to be doing. So, during this rather low moment in my current workday, I thought I’d blog about a rather embarrassing moment during the audio recording with Janis and Stefan. Here goes.

We are knee-deep in day 2 of recording. My shoes have long since come off, I’m pretty sure my shirt is unflatteringly scrunched up in the back, as I have opted at this point to ungracefully lay on the floor like a teenager as opposed to sitting in one of the many chairs or on the sofa (like a proper adult. I do have my spine as an excuse, you know). I no longer bother with the napkin under my coffee cup, I just put it down and hope to God I don’t knock it over, I have no idea where my backpack is…

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Audio Book Sneak Preview

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Here, at long last, is a sample from Janis Ian recording my audio book with Stefan Rudnicki producing at Skyboat Media.