Over Technologized?

By on Jun 28, 2013 in Temporal, Words | 1 comment

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Princeton UniversityOver technologized? Check. Dangerous for a pisces? check. Slightly creeped out and have pinned a giant “CHECK WHICH PRINTER AND EMAIL BEFORE PRESSING SEND” notice to my desk? Check. I now have 10 email accounts (only one of which I don’t have to check) and I am connected to 3 printers. 2 of which are in Princeton. Really? Yes. So…I was working on a NON IAS/Princeton related thing just now, which happens to involve sensitive and personal information, and I go to print….the ONLY reason I didn’t send said personal and sensitive information to the third floor of The Institute for Advanced Study (IN PRINCETON!!!) is because someone else there was already printing something at that moment so the printer asked me if I wanted to wait or add my document to the queue. Whew. lawdy, lawdy, lawdy…lol.

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