Janis Ian & Stefan Rudnicki Record My Audiobook!* – Part 3

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Janis Ian & Stefan Rudnicki Record My Audiobook!* – Part 3

Janis Ian* Maggie Schein’s book is Lost Cantos of the Ouroboros Caves, with introduction by author Pat Conroy.

Little story from my first moment arriving at Skyboat Media for the recording:

I walk in. I’ve been traveling for 12 hours. I had one cup of thin hotel coffee. When I arrive, Stefan and Janis are already engaged in a conversation about audio books and narration, some of which I understand, and much of which is over my head and then, they go on to talk about different narration styles. Character, or narrative or whatever.

And Stefan says, “This is a mind book. A book of the mind.” And he gestures to me, saying, “And look, we have the mind right here!”

Meanwhile, my mind is in fog-land not having had enough sleep or coffee, so I say so. Stefan immediately directs me to the gorgeous array of coffee, tea and breakfast foods that had been arranged for the “breakfast with fans.” I jump to grab some coffee….and then realize, neither Janis nor Stefan are doing the same.


Should I have waited? Did I break protocol? Am I being rude?

After I pour (I’m not stupid, I did pour my coffee BEFORE asking the following question), I ask, “Oh goodness! Am I being rude? Should I not pour my coffee yet?”

Janis Ian leans back in her chair, smirks, and says, “You are the artist. And you are the writer. Writers are almost never RUDE, but they are very often inappropriate.”

LMAO. So so so true…

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