PIER Problem-Based Integrated Education Resolutions
PIER Consultants and Coaches are scholars, experts and professionals from various disciplines and fields who are versed in PIER’s learning profile analysis and in the exploitation of different learning strengths.  Coaches may be scholars from disciplines such as philosophy, history, literature or anthropology, or they may be practitioners in fields such as psychology, art, music, engineering, urban planning, law enforcement, politics etc. Pairing students with experts and professionals in fields most attuned to those students’ individual interests and approaches supports their natural ability and drive to learn and helps them navigate how they—and their approaches—are relevant to the world.
Bernie Schein
Schein was the principal of three different schools in Mississippi and South Carolina before he taught full time at the Paideia School in Atlanta, which he helped to start. The subjects he taught included creative and expository writing, literature, drama, and social studies, where his approach was distinguished by its group dynamics and his unique class government and court system. He has been an educational consultant throughout his career. Bernie is the author of “If Holden Caufield were in my Classroom: Inspiring Love, Creativity and Intelligence in Middle-School Kids” and the co-author of “Open Classroom in the Middle School.”
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Martha Schein
Is currently a practicing clinical psychologist who works with families, adolescents, and the U.S. Navy.  For more than 20 years prior to her work as a psychologist, she taught in a progressive, alternative junior-high classroom and co-authored the book “Open Classroom in the Middle School.” As a counselor and teacher, Martha helps clients clear their emotional and intellectual blockages so that they can identify their unique strengths and begin to utilize them more fully in each of their endeavors.
Jonathan Hannah
The founding owner and designer of R2R, a unique referral network service that helps teach people how to connect with each other and how to maintain dynamic relationships that generate mutually beneficial outcomes.  He is also an accomplished composer, graphic designer and master martial arts teacher. Jonathan’s broad range of expertise and experience has given him valuable insight into the different ways people learn and communicate and into different ways to use one’s unique learning profile to create opportunities for oneself and others.
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"Maggie takes the time to truly understand each student, personalizing her tutoring style in order to obtain the best results from each of them. She is extremely creative and open minded and has a way of identifying with and acknowledging our children that one experiences only once in a blue moon. She has a good sense of humor; she listens well; she is very perceptive and she truly loves what she does. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Maggie will truly have a richer learning experience."
Darlene Krammer, Parent