PIER Problem-Based Integrated Education Resolutions
Maggie Schein
Maggie Schein holds a PhD from the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought. Her studies there focused on moral psychology, virtue theory and education. She has taught and consulted in the humanities –all ages, from junior-high through college—for 15 years.
She has spent the past few years creating models for education and curriculum reform that utilize students’ natural drives to learn, to matter to the world in unique ways, and to live better lives. She believes that learning is not an activity removed from real life, or one that ends at the close of school day or on graduation, but rather, that learning is an orientation to the world native to human beings—and that it is the responsibility of educators to nourish and refine that orientation and its unique manifestation in each individual.
Maggie is interested in finding new ways to create alternative educational structures and experiences that help integrate the process of learning into the real lives of students so that students can better integrate themselves in to their world.
"Beyond description. I left every day in a tumult. Digesting each day’s discussion was a difficult task that I thoroughly enjoyed."
Anonymous Student