Tutoring and Educational Consulting

Ages: 7th – college

Subjects: Humanities: Literature, Philosophy, Political Theory, Moral Psychology, Social Studies

Skills: Writing to express one’s individuality and best and most engaging and relevant ideas; Reading, Speed Reading,  Special behavioral, emotional, or learning differences.

Maggie Schein InterviewI work with each student to help identify his/her/their goals, gain tools to express their individuality, practice self-reflection, perception, and confidence. It is that simple. Every person, every student is unique, and that is what is needed and special. I do not use a cookie-cutter approach.

Parents want the best for their children, and students want to succeed. It is my job to help relieve parents of responsibilities they may be anxious about or not prepared for (e.g. if you are a Dr. of Biology, helping your child with their essay on My Name is Asher Lev may take you out of your comfort zone). Students at these stages of testing, of performing, are under pressure that can sometimes blanket their true shine come through. My job is to lift off that blanket, teach them how to do that themselves, and help them polish the work they need and want to create.