Tutoring and Educational Consulting

Maggie has taught, tutored, coached, and consulted in the humanities and related fields, disciplines, and practices for 30 years. She is particularly interested in integrated practices of teaching, learning, learning to teach, teaching to learn, and learning to learn that are transformative.

Maggie Schein InterviewLearning to learn requires an ongoing commitment to sleuthing out and seeking out what is often unexpected: ignorance hiding behind truths; that which is resistant to the imposition of our knowing for sure; ineffable humility; slippery avoidances; dishonest indifferences; inevitable hypocrisies and uncertainties; anxieties, fears, intuitions, dreams, flash-bang-insights, disappointments, and satisfactions, as essential drivers of development as evolution, not just as measures of failures, achievements, health, or pathologies. These activities are our ongoing attempts at flourishing as what each of us is, how each of us belongs and doesn’t, and what we continually become collectively—this is true in how we think of everything from learning arithmetic to having empathy. Striving to learn how to learn should be a moral–a human, imperative–and helping one another do so our collective project in this improvisation that is being human and belonging to humanity. We are, and we act in, as the philosopher Nietzsche said, an “imperfect tense,” and as such, we disrupt the promise of solid endings, resolutions, and conclusions that we are taught narrative structures, musical syntax, and resonating colors would swaddle us in resolutely.


Maggie has coached and been a consultant for heads of humanities and related fields’ NFPs organizations, schools, professors, teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, law enforcement, assessment and testing organizations, artists from diverse backgrounds and fields, executive directors of ethics, moral development, moral psychology, and other humanities-based centers and projects, aspiring and established fiction and non-fiction writers and, others.

For speaking, teaching, consulting, coaching, or other kinds of engagements, please contact Att: M. Schein at meschein@gmail.com. For more on one aspect of her educational projects, please click here.